Thursday, July 30, 2009

~~~ eF Updates~~~

epic Frequency
Let us start fresh for the time being
for Ziman eFB sake...

I recommend 2 songs
one for Hadi and another for Yean

Incubus - Love Hurts

Estrella - Stay


Sunday, July 19, 2009

~~~ eF Updates~~~

Hey Guys
Sorry for the long silence of un-updated blog
eF been away for quite sometimes for some various reasons
Well here goes the post....

~~Douse, Chee Huat, Tifa & Fifa, Gmiee, Farid~~

eF now has a new hangout friends... well yeah.. the girls...
and guess what.. they're TWINS =D

Everyone... say hello to TIFA & FIFA...
or is it FIFA & TIFA... hmmmm =s
(shout it in the chatbox)

A little updates about eF & friends..

Will be leaving again... off to work...
on July 25th, 2009
eF will hangout with you before you leave

Chee Huat
Will soon quit his job...
if he still sets his mind to it tho...
his reason - "I'm stress because I don't have work at work!!!"

Gmiee eFD
Still looking for a job after graduated from ITB..
and yeah.. he'll be jamming with Divine Intervention soon =D

Douse eFGL
Jobless...... =D well.. not really...
UBD starting soon.. next month...

Ziman eFB
Will be back soon!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
should be on this July 26th 2009

Pal eFGR
Busy & Hectic with attachment months..

Sylvan eFK
Jobless... =P
and entering UBD next month

On July 16th 2009
There was a function after the newly wed couple
Syazwan & Mala had their marriage ceremony
last sunday (July 12th 2009)

eF would like to CONGRATULATE
Syazwan & Normala for being the Newly Wed Couple
~~~~"Selamat Pengantin Baru" to both of you~~~~

Sylvan eFK was involve in the occasion...
featuring keyboardist for Divine Intervention


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